Great Berry Babies

All of these rats have been bred and born in our home. Their family histories are tracked so that we can have an overview of health, temperament and variety.

Our rats are also pets and kept indoors in a recently extended purpose built rattery – they are part of our home environment and well adjusted to family living.

Golden Siamese and Seal Point Siamese

The female in the first photo is the daughter of Great Berry Sirius, shown in the middle image as a baby himself. I am currently working towards a line of Golden Siamese, an uncommon variety here in the UK and worldwide.

Shaded rats have coloured areas, or points, in a pale coloured ground. These appear as they get older on their nose, legs and rump. Variants here include seal, blue and agouti point.

Russian Blue and other Varieties

I also work with a range of other colours that emerge alongside. Great Berry Pandora above, a superb Russian Blue, won 2 classes and a Cup at a recent NFRS show.

The boy at the top left is a Russian Blue Burmese, a new shaded variety that I have a special interest in developing.

Other colours that are produced include Seal and Blue Point Siamese, Black and Agouti (the classic rat colouring)

I prefer the classic look – all our rats have top ears and smooth coats, and are generally without markings.

What they all seem to have in common is their outgoing and friendly natures, the most important thing to me