I would highly recommend Great Berry Rats. After having 4 different lots of rats over the years from pet shops I received my 3 beautiful boys fromClare Varley earlier this year. They were completely comfortable with human intereaction from the moment I got them and have amazing temperaments, All very different in personality (aren’t they all!:)) but all loving being pampered and loved. Hippo my ruby eye siamese is the most rebellious but would never turn down a good ear scratch. Egbert my russian blue the biggest of the 3 is so chilled out, nothing fazes him and he’s the only one who like to learn and has picked up some nice tricks very easily. And Teabag, the smallest but literally like a teddy bear who just wants cuddles and strokes and attention all the time. the most loving rat I’ve ever known. I also have a 5 year old and these are her first experience of having pets and they are brilliant with each other. Clare Varley is obviously very passionate about her rats. I couldn’t happier with my boys

C N – Braintree

Great Berry Rats (Essex):
We have been getting rats from Clare and Louis for a few years now, and as well as being fantastic breeders, they have been a great source of support and advice with any rat related queries. All of the boys we’ve had from them have had wonderful personalities, and have been beautiful, healthy and a pleasure to have. We currently have 4 great berry boys, and they are adorable! Highly recommend Great Berry Rats!

JD Chelmsford

All 5 of my girls are from Great Berry Rats in essex, I have to say it has been an absolute pleasure dealing with Clare from the beginning we have had no issue with the girls and they are, like most of the great berry babies, bomb proof! Nothing really fazes them and they are just so friendly and desperate for human attention no matter how much you give them. I have been to where they are bred and can say all of the rats here are also as friendly as they come out to say hello whenever we go around, as me and my husband will visit even when we arent looking for babies. We have made such lovely friends from this and keep in contact with Clare constantly, and are looking forward to hopefully adding to our mischief very soon. I would highly recommend great berry to anyone looking for friendly, healthy and happy rats!

FH and SH Colchester